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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nut Milks

I've never been to ambitious about making nut milks. I was intimidated by straining and what to do with the left over pulp. After watching Robyn's new video on making almond and coconut milk, I was really intrigued to use up some coconut flakes. I sweetened it with Sunfire Vanilla Agave*.

My boys loved this, especially Scott. I couldn't keep making it fast enough. I feel a renewed surge of interest coming on to make almond, sesame, and hemp milk. It was tasty and different. I have never really found a good source of coconut milk and I have not tried to many recipes calling for coconut milk. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

Coconuts grow around here (but I don't have a tree), but there must be some varieties better suited than others or I crack them open wrong when I do get them.


  1. cool. I love all the new things you guys try and enjoy.

  2. I've been getting into making almond milk just recently too! I think I'm going to make the Almond Cherry cookies with the pulp leftover from the 12 steps to whole foods program.

  3. With the vanilla agave, it is easy to make all the nut milks taste good.


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