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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite GREEN Smoothie

I use the base recipe mostly from GSG with this variation
-1 cup water
-Up to 2 cups spinach, if I have chard, kale, purslane, bok choy, I will replace 1 cup of Spinach with the other green or a combination
-1 frozen banana ( I peel and freeze ripe bananas.)
-1 apple or mango (these are my two favorites, but I will put almost any seasonal fruit in it . I use frozen berries too.)
-Additional protein- GSG shows flax in her video because it is relatively practical for most people to get. I have added flax, hemp seeds, hemp powder, Sunwarrior sprouted brown rice powder, or *Sunfire Superfoods Tocotrienols. (NOT all of these, one or the other).

I mix it in my BlendTec. It makes 4 cups. I drink all 4 cups.


Now, with oranges and grapefruit in season instead of the GS,  I may juice a combination of oranges and grapejuice. I like the mix flavors. Not to sweet. Not to sour. Add one of the protein powders listed above and a green powder like vitamineral greens, greener grasses, *rainforest rush, etc... 2 cups of this is more than plenty. It surprisingly is very refreshing.

I like to drink a Green Smoothie in the morning. It "sets" me right. A good start helps get rid of cravings before they start. It's an easy breakfast. If I don't finish it at home, I often carry it to the office with me. I don't ever add dairy (cow's milk or yogurt) to my smoothie. With these to basic smoothies, I don't add any sweeteners. I've been drinking Green Smoothies for over 3 years!


  1. Sounds awesome! By the way, I've had some citrus in my diet, not a lot, but I thought of you when I did. Kamea was fine ;) I have been working on not exlcuding much (except for the obvious: alcohol, caffeine, etc) and she bf like a champ without issues. Yay!


  2. I am glad to here that bf is working out so good for you. Breast milk is the best raw food. It's so amazing that our babies get a pure raw diet for months. Probably most babies could go exclusive on breastmilk than our society allows.


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