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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fitting Raw Food on My Families Thanksgiving Table

The Raw Menu

"Turkey" Salad, Holiday Grapes, with Lentil Sprouts on a bed of Greens
Avocado Dressing
It's not Stuffing (but tasted like it)

Fiesta Mole Walnuts
Chocolate Bliss Chia Hemp Pie with Sprouted Almond Crust

I pulled this off. I made all this stuff and it was a success. To me at least.  My mother made turkey, steamed greens,  and the requested casseroles for the boys,  but I had so much to eat from my own planning, I was set. I never got around to making the string bean salad, but  I have that to look forward to making soon. John had store bought pies. I made this healthy pie in the photo.
Unfortunately the meal wasn't fully enjoyed because my grandmothers health had declined overnight. She was fine Wednesday then her nurses called on Thursday morning and asked if us if she could go to the hospital. When the ER doctor called us three times, we decided it must be serious and we'd clean up after our meal and go to Orlando. I can't say I fully enjoyed my food knowing I was headed out.

We packed coolers with our left overs making split second decisions on how I would stay high raw for an unknown length of time being out of town. Thankfully, I had made so much, I could pack good choices. Despite being totally stressed out and out of sorts, I fed myself exceptionally well. I packed chocolate bliss also which stays good for several days.

I have been doing this raw-thing for so long now and it seems to be getting easier each time I leave town. I took the left over salad and sprouts, the pie, my green beans, my shaker bottle to mix green powder and protein powder smoothies. I managed quite well. The rest of the weekend there was no need to focus on food and prep, but I had plenty of left overs and access to the farm stand. My food was good. As far as other people enjoying my food, I think it would pass on an ordinary day, but for those who expect a turkey, it was a bit of a change.  The photo shows my salad and "It's not stuffing."

When I looked at the original mix of the "stuffing." I thought it was a flop, but after putting it in the dehydrator a few hours the flavors blended. I basically use my mothers recipe for traditional stuffing, but I replaced bread crumbs for soaked walnuts, almonds and flax. I didn't use butter and it went in to the dehydrator until I was satisfied.

I owe you some recipes or at least some guidelines on how I did this.


  1. Great food. Sorry about your grandmother.

  2. Hi Denise, I'm wondering if you ever posted the Thanksgiving recipes anywhere. They sound great!


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