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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How did you lose weight?

Someone asked how I lost weight. In a nutshell:

I went sugar-free (cane sugar) cold turkey after food sensitivity testing three years ago. I received my lab results which served as a wake up call and started reading EVERY label. If it said sugar, I didn't eat it.  I felt very deprived, since I only knew processed food, but began to lose weight. I also got rid of some bothersome symptoms, coughing and ankle swelling. My acne also improved.  Painful acne on my back that totally cleared. I was once bothered with tics (and took medication for a short time) that I barely think about now.

Several months my elimination, I found and incorporated green smoothies and the 12 steps into my lifestyle. Finally I didn't feel deprived. My 40 pound weight loss plateaued at 180 lbs. Early in January of this year, desiring to lose some holiday weight gain and get below the plateau, I did raw vegan for about 3 weeks and l lost a noticeable chunk of weight in that time down to about 167.

I continue to do a high raw diet. I am am not always vegan or vegetarian although I eat very little animal products. I never eat meat, even before all this. Poultry once a month or less, fish much less than once a month. I haven't had shellfish in years, but don't recall when I ended that. I eat occasional eggs. I don't add dairy to my food, but I know it's usually in there when I eat bread or veggies someone else prepared.  I don't use artificial sweeteners. My body has always rejected alcohol so I don't miss those calories. I eat little refined soy products. I don't eat fakin' bacon or other imitation meats. I don't like the real thing, so except for satisfying my curiosity,  I don't find much pleasure in the fake kind and don't miss it.

I am exercising nearly daily now. Even though I often walked, I got serious in January with cardio. I added weight lifting at the end of April. I actually haven't lost anymore weight since I got to 167.  I know...muscle weighs more...  Adding the weights made a big impact on how I feel. I lifted weights in college and didn't fully appreciate the benefit then, but I do now. Maybe because I am older now, the impact of my effort is much greater.

A typical day now includes 4 cups of green smoothie with raw vegan protein powder and vitamin supplements. I have chocolate bliss and/or raw desserts. I eat raw salad and veggies everyday. Sprouts often include one or a combination of  almonds, sunflower seeds, lentils. The vegan protein powder is also sprouted.

I do love food. I usually have a daily meal that resembles something most people would recognize. It's not always all raw. I like cooking quinoa and brown rice, and beans for variety and satiation. I like eating food I prepare. If I eat a few meals in a row of foods that regular people recognize, I can feel it. I am not spontaneously eating these kind of meals. It's usually planned out ahead if I can't bring enough of my own along and preceded with special attention to raw food. I am usually more accountable on working weekdays and a bit more relaxed on the weekends.

I don't count calories, fats grams, or carbs. I feel like what I am doing is maintainable. More and more people over the past 3 years are interested in what I do and sharing smoothies and that makes it way easier for me. Overall its gotten easier over time. I am in a routine that may seem like a lot of effort, but it is worth it. I have a full life and need all the energy available in a healthy lifestyle.

That's what it has taken to lose weight over three years and definitely worth it.

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