Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Produce Share

I love this share with 3 leafy greens, kale, spinach, and lettuce and a nice variety of fruit. I also ordered sundrechers salad dressing from which was perfect timing with this share. I used the Asian dressing on a cabbage (not from this share) salad recipe off the website. I've been paying special attention this week to washing my salad greens and chilling it again to have a nice cold salad. A lot of detail, but John seems to be appreciating the chilled salad. Here is what I've done so far with my most recent produce! Keeping these lists really do help to remind me of what I have to eat and helps me plan.

Carrots  and Cauliflower- dip into sundrechers salad dressing
Lacinato Kale --Kale chips, my kids love this!
Red Butter Lettuce -- raw Waldorf salad
Cremini Mushrooms --
Russet Potatoes --
Spinach Bunches -- salads and smoothies
Delicata Squash --  Squash with Herbs not raw, but my kids loved it. They thought it tasted like
                                        apple pie. Not bad! I used coconut oil instead of butter.
Roma Tomatoes --
Garlic --
Granny Smith Apples --
Bananas -- kids eating with PB
Green Kiwi --
Anjou Pears --
Pomegranates -- my kids love this
Black Plums – Freebie from Organic Produce Buying Club with Love!
Fruit Share:
Golden Pineapple
Persimmons -- This is a wonderful fall treat.
Starfruit -- this is not my favorite fruit, and may just wash it and toss it in my smoothie.

My Max Bench on Oct 29th--130 pounds. I couldn't get it on my first or 2nd try today, but the third try I drove it on through (persistence!). It was a nice quiet gym this afternoon to do my own thing with John.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple dinner, max bench

I wanted something simple to eat tonight. I put 2 cups of packed spinach and ice cubes in to my BlendTec. I poured my usual recipe of chocolate bliss to cover spinach and ice.  Easy and still tastes chocolately.

I benched my max,  125 lbs tonight. I always use a spotter- John - who IS always there for me. I don't have a real life personal trainer for several reasons. I have done this before and I don't lack motivation. My sister is a trainer and answers A LOT of questions for me long distance. I search around you tube for work out vids and I pick the brains of the owner. My goal of 135 is getting  VERY close. John's max is 200. If you've never done this I highly recommend getting a personal trainer.

I also wanted just a simple post, so that's all. Go exercise now and eat your raw greens!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How did you lose weight?

Someone asked how I lost weight. In a nutshell:

I went sugar-free (cane sugar) cold turkey after food sensitivity testing three years ago. I received my lab results which served as a wake up call and started reading EVERY label. If it said sugar, I didn't eat it.  I felt very deprived, since I only knew processed food, but began to lose weight. I also got rid of some bothersome symptoms, coughing and ankle swelling. My acne also improved.  Painful acne on my back that totally cleared. I was once bothered with tics (and took medication for a short time) that I barely think about now.

Several months my elimination, I found and incorporated green smoothies and the 12 steps into my lifestyle. Finally I didn't feel deprived. My 40 pound weight loss plateaued at 180 lbs. Early in January of this year, desiring to lose some holiday weight gain and get below the plateau, I did raw vegan for about 3 weeks and l lost a noticeable chunk of weight in that time down to about 167.

I continue to do a high raw diet. I am am not always vegan or vegetarian although I eat very little animal products. I never eat meat, even before all this. Poultry once a month or less, fish much less than once a month. I haven't had shellfish in years, but don't recall when I ended that. I eat occasional eggs. I don't add dairy to my food, but I know it's usually in there when I eat bread or veggies someone else prepared.  I don't use artificial sweeteners. My body has always rejected alcohol so I don't miss those calories. I eat little refined soy products. I don't eat fakin' bacon or other imitation meats. I don't like the real thing, so except for satisfying my curiosity,  I don't find much pleasure in the fake kind and don't miss it.

I am exercising nearly daily now. Even though I often walked, I got serious in January with cardio. I added weight lifting at the end of April. I actually haven't lost anymore weight since I got to 167.  I know...muscle weighs more...  Adding the weights made a big impact on how I feel. I lifted weights in college and didn't fully appreciate the benefit then, but I do now. Maybe because I am older now, the impact of my effort is much greater.

A typical day now includes 4 cups of green smoothie with raw vegan protein powder and vitamin supplements. I have chocolate bliss and/or raw desserts. I eat raw salad and veggies everyday. Sprouts often include one or a combination of  almonds, sunflower seeds, lentils. The vegan protein powder is also sprouted.

I do love food. I usually have a daily meal that resembles something most people would recognize. It's not always all raw. I like cooking quinoa and brown rice, and beans for variety and satiation. I like eating food I prepare. If I eat a few meals in a row of foods that regular people recognize, I can feel it. I am not spontaneously eating these kind of meals. It's usually planned out ahead if I can't bring enough of my own along and preceded with special attention to raw food. I am usually more accountable on working weekdays and a bit more relaxed on the weekends.

I don't count calories, fats grams, or carbs. I feel like what I am doing is maintainable. More and more people over the past 3 years are interested in what I do and sharing smoothies and that makes it way easier for me. Overall its gotten easier over time. I am in a routine that may seem like a lot of effort, but it is worth it. I have a full life and need all the energy available in a healthy lifestyle.

That's what it has taken to lose weight over three years and definitely worth it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fresh Basil Pesto

I like making fresh pesto. I just don't like adding cheese to it. I also found a cilantro pesto recipe without cheese (brazil nuts, pumkin seeds and cashews), but it seems I never have access to the nuts they suggest. It's worth making because it's delicious.

With my basil growing like weeds in my containers, I decided to take a chance. I soaked raw sunflower seeds and raw almonds. Soaking activated them and helped soften them for the creaminess. I loved it and want to do it again.

2 cups fresh basil with stems ( I am too lazy to pull leaves off.)
3 garlic cloves
1 lime
Olive oil. Mine happend to be Organic. About 1/2-3/4 cup.
Soaked sunflower seeds
Soaked almonds
pine nuts -Should have measured or paid closer attention to the amount of nuts I used. Probably about 3/4    
     cup total of all nuts
3/4 teaspoon Sunfire Sea Salt

Put it all in blender and adjust to taste. It's tasty and you would never miss the cheese.

This was a great dip for carrots and celery. I brought it out on the boat with me and stayed raw while out all day. Some other things I brought with me were greem smoothie (1/2 greens were spinach, other 1/2 was fresh- meaning, I picked it myself- chard, fresh purslane, fresh stalk of aloe, vitamineral greens, banana and mango), clemintines, grapes, activated almonds, water (of course), and chocolate bliss which I never go to.

I stayed raw when I got home with salads and fruits and veggies and the bliss. Snce  I had a VERY relaxed previous week, I really  needed a good day to make sure I stay on track.
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