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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our First Dragon Fruit Treat

Dragon Fruit is from a cactus. It is quick to grow. The flower opens at night, only once,  and depends on night pollinators like bats. In our case when we saw the bloom in the early morning we attempted self-pollinating. From about 6 blooms this was so far the only one to become fruit. It was small and I divided it into 4ths for me and each boy (not very filling). I suspected it was ripe because it had turned red on the outer leaves. We all like the fruit. I see more blooms coming. Hopefully they pollinate sucessfully and we get to eat them. Our production may be slow at first, but I am pretty sure once we really know what we are doing, we'll keep getting more and more.
I thought I took some photos of the insde after I cut it. I guess we gobbled up too fast. :)

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