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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kids coming around

My kids ask me if I ever kept a diary. Who needs a diary wen you have a blog to pour your heart into? ( But I did once keep a paper diary).

I was reading a facebook thread. A friend of mine made raw (?) corn chowder. The older girls who appreciate nutritious eating appreciated the treat and the young ones not so much.

My kids weaned from breastmilk to McDonalds, hotdogs, Kraft singles, mac and cheese, before I woke up to realize how bad this kind of eating was. I score big points in the breastfeeding section, and lost all my points for the junk they ate. I thought my kids would never come around. I vented many times to my friend Tam about how stubborn my kids are.

They still eat lots of junk, but I must share with you two things they said today.

William at Sam's Club: "Don't buy Taquitos. They are greasy. I gain three pounds every time you buy them because I eat too many." YES! William said that. He is the most stubborn. Does it mean he eats healthy all the time. Nope. But that is amazing progress.

Tonight when we came home, David, just about 7 years old, went to the refridge and took out spinach. He said, "We are having salad tonight, " and brought it to the table with feta for him. He asked for the oil and balsamic. David as you know likes kale salad and kale chips. He thinks its no big deal to eat salad as long as it has tasty dressing. 

Who knew three plus years ago when I started making changes I'd ever get to this point.   It takes a long time and I have had to try many different things and often try them many times over.
All my kids like chocolate bliss. Scott has been on board for a while.  So no new insights from him today. They all eat fruit with almost every meal.

I remember when I made the first nutritious move in my house. I asked John for one simple compromise. "Let's not get any more Kraft Singles." He agreed. We bought other cheese, but at least we got that kind of processed cheese out of our diet.

Another early trick I pulled, John made ribs, which I don't eat and never have. The boys were drooling. In order to get the ribs, they had to eat the salads. They did.

Although the boys get plenty of junk food. It's worth mentioning that I am not aware of them having McDonald's or Burger King in a long time. No more Steak and Shake or Dominoes. Who could eat those things when you get use to being away from it?

It's best to breastfeed as long as you can (breastmilk is raw and has what a kids still need as they begin (and continues) to eat solid food) and go straight to healthy nutritious eating, but if you didn't feed them well, kids can come around. It may take a lot of time.


  1. Yes, mom took this photo.
    Yes, she took my current "about me" photo, too.

  2. Thanks for the post....I teach a Transitions Lifestyle class that emphasizes low-glycemic eating and using whole foods. The complaint I get a lot from young moms is, "My kids won't eat what I make for meals, so I have to make two meals all the time."
    I made the switch several years ago, and yes it took my kids some time as well, but now, they go to the fridge and ask for carrots and broccoli!
    It is so encouraging to have another mom (you) who has taken the time to train their kids how to eat healthful! Thanks for the encouragement! Love your posts! Been following you for a while....:)

    Shaunna Upgren

  3. Hello! I also breastfeed and fed a healthy baby and then went t lots of white food and fast food. Now my kids are 12 and 6, and I have spent last year switching to much heathier. They are coming around somewhat. They slept at grandparents Sun.-Tues. and grandparents said my boys didn't want certain things (like stuff with dye and such.) That made me happy.

  4. Hooray!! Isn't it nice will all your efforts and teaching start to sink in even if it is just a little!! You are just so inspiring Denice and looking really good by the way!!! Also I loved your thoughts on the different diet questions!!! I'm sure I have mentioned that we so need more Doctors like you!!! Keep up the great work!


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