Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our First Dragon Fruit Treat

Dragon Fruit is from a cactus. It is quick to grow. The flower opens at night, only once,  and depends on night pollinators like bats. In our case when we saw the bloom in the early morning we attempted self-pollinating. From about 6 blooms this was so far the only one to become fruit. It was small and I divided it into 4ths for me and each boy (not very filling). I suspected it was ripe because it had turned red on the outer leaves. We all like the fruit. I see more blooms coming. Hopefully they pollinate sucessfully and we get to eat them. Our production may be slow at first, but I am pretty sure once we really know what we are doing, we'll keep getting more and more.
I thought I took some photos of the insde after I cut it. I guess we gobbled up too fast. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kids coming around

My kids ask me if I ever kept a diary. Who needs a diary wen you have a blog to pour your heart into? ( But I did once keep a paper diary).

I was reading a facebook thread. A friend of mine made raw (?) corn chowder. The older girls who appreciate nutritious eating appreciated the treat and the young ones not so much.

My kids weaned from breastmilk to McDonalds, hotdogs, Kraft singles, mac and cheese, before I woke up to realize how bad this kind of eating was. I score big points in the breastfeeding section, and lost all my points for the junk they ate. I thought my kids would never come around. I vented many times to my friend Tam about how stubborn my kids are.

They still eat lots of junk, but I must share with you two things they said today.

William at Sam's Club: "Don't buy Taquitos. They are greasy. I gain three pounds every time you buy them because I eat too many." YES! William said that. He is the most stubborn. Does it mean he eats healthy all the time. Nope. But that is amazing progress.

Tonight when we came home, David, just about 7 years old, went to the refridge and took out spinach. He said, "We are having salad tonight, " and brought it to the table with feta for him. He asked for the oil and balsamic. David as you know likes kale salad and kale chips. He thinks its no big deal to eat salad as long as it has tasty dressing. 

Who knew three plus years ago when I started making changes I'd ever get to this point.   It takes a long time and I have had to try many different things and often try them many times over.
All my kids like chocolate bliss. Scott has been on board for a while.  So no new insights from him today. They all eat fruit with almost every meal.

I remember when I made the first nutritious move in my house. I asked John for one simple compromise. "Let's not get any more Kraft Singles." He agreed. We bought other cheese, but at least we got that kind of processed cheese out of our diet.

Another early trick I pulled, John made ribs, which I don't eat and never have. The boys were drooling. In order to get the ribs, they had to eat the salads. They did.

Although the boys get plenty of junk food. It's worth mentioning that I am not aware of them having McDonald's or Burger King in a long time. No more Steak and Shake or Dominoes. Who could eat those things when you get use to being away from it?

It's best to breastfeed as long as you can (breastmilk is raw and has what a kids still need as they begin (and continues) to eat solid food) and go straight to healthy nutritious eating, but if you didn't feed them well, kids can come around. It may take a lot of time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bench Press Update and Medical Weight Loss Supervision

So my mom came for the weekend and updated my bench press photo. Probably doesn't look much different than the photo below. I pressed 115 pounds which is an additional 20 pounds on each side of the bar from the last photo. I am well on my way to my goal of 45 x 45. ( The 35 pound plate is on the bar and the 45 pound plate is leaning on the equipment, bottom left) If for some reason I can't do it on my birthday, I know I am not to far off. Thanks to John who is at the gym every time with me to spot me and make sure I am safe. I do not do heavy weights without a spotter.

It is a very small part of my medical practice to prescribe weight loss medication. Many of my fit and conditioned patients juice and or make smoothies. But many people aren't there yet. I have supervised weight loss programs using adipex and sub lingual and indictable hcg (from a trusted source). When I say supervise I often get base line labs and provide some motivation and direction, but most of my patients are fairly independent once started.

One FAQ is if I used these products. No I have not. You can imagine I think about incorporating them into my regimen. Especially to get past the 167 plateau. When I first started my sugar-free regimen, the weight loss per say wasn't the issue. It was just the sugar issue I was having. I never really believed I could lose weight. It didn't matter either, at the time, I barely was aware that anything out there was available to assist weight loss. And as I lost weight, I got more inquiries for weight loss assistance and finally "gave in " with the adipex prescription. Then my established patients learned about HCG and asked if I would provide a script for that and I had to learn about it. FAQ (or a different twist to the same Q)- Would I ever take one of these weight loss products? For me, the reason I don't take either is because I am in an established and very comfortable pattern with my nutrition and exercise and feel like I can continue doing what I am doing successfully. I am not suffering with hunger or sugar cravings. I am not in a rush to lose the weight for a big event. Nor do I have any medical problems.

But not everyone is me and many people don't know where to start. People have different needs and different support systems and I will look at each persons situation individually. Medication alone without good nutrition or exercise won't be helpful, but if it does get one past the cravings, it can be very useful. For many Weight Watchers is good support system. I have had many patients with gastric by-pass or banding. When I do provide medical assistance for weight loss, the biggest long term impact I can make is with education by teaching people how to incorporate healthy delicious raw nutrition into their diet for long term success. Even if incorporating lifestyle changes is slow (as it should be), it gives time to develop sound healthy habits. Finally, I don't ever tell anyone they have to eat all raw. I barely can myself. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me they haven't had a fresh fruit or vegetable in weeks. Weeks!!!!! Finding out where someone is at and and adding fresh fruit salads, smoothie or juice and any whole plant-based food  is my approach. Many people can't exercise. Bad knees, Too overweight. No matter how you jump start your weight loss and nutrition program, the end goals will be the same. I like when people come to me for Medical Weight Loss Supervision because it gives me the opportunity to get them to a healthy place. I know no other supervised weight loss will do the same service.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the garden, gym, kitchen...

Some other things going on in the garden: We have an established avocado tree that gave us 2 large Florida Avocados (whoowhoo-2!!). They are sitting on my counter to ripen. They will probably be ready tomorrow night .  I sure am so curious to taste them. John and I planted two younger avocado tress, but they did not make it. My bananas did not produce much at all either. It was a cold, dry winter. I harvested the small bunch today. Our irrigation and water was off while we remodeled.  The plants weren't nurtured  like they should. Hopefully we'll have more next year. Basil, Cuban oregano, chives, sage, rosemary, and chocolate mint are doing well. And mostly by accident.  I don't have huge amounts of any, but enough to season with. I am glad they like to grow without much attention. Minimal care is my favorite way. I also have a big bunch of lemon grass doing well and we brew tea often. BTW- people ask me all the time what I drink and this tea is one of the things I drink that I probably haven't mentioned before. Much better than sweetened drinks from the store.

Some of the things we are eating: Scott and David are troopers. I've been putting mangoes in my green smoothies. For them I made frozen banana, mango smoothie with sprouted almond mylk (which I made with dates). Their frosty comes out icy and a pretty soft-orange color.  I put the left overs in a Popsicle mold for later which they told me was good. These frozen treats will probably never be two alike as I vary the amounts of fruit and mylk or just water depending on what's available. Ever read the labels on store purchased ice pops. It is scarier. Personally, I think much worse than ice cream in most cases.

At the gym: I am working on 45 x45. I benched 135 twice last night. I am way ahead of my goal. That's with the 35 pound plate on each side of a 45 pound bar. I need an updated gym photo. I am glad mom is coming to visit this weekend. She's a great photographer in the gym.

In my kitchen: If I don't cook, why is my kitchen always a mess. Today was pick up day for our organic produce. This is what we got. And it's been a long time since I've told you what I did or plan on tell you what I did with my bounty.

Baby Bok Choy
Broccoli Chinese style food I found this basic recipe works well for many vegetables including carrots onions added to the mix. I have varied the seasoning in the sauce.
Rainbow Chard - perfect for wraps
Red Lettuce
Cremini Mushrooms -hide them in blender recipes, might put a few in with the broccoli
Yellow Onions
Yukon Potatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Red Seedless Grapes - boys and John ate these up.
Golden Kiwi - only 4. I will be selfish. They are all mine.
Black Plums

Fruit Share: Honeydew, Bartlett Pears, Yellow peaches.

I use to be really good at posting each share and how I used it up on my permissiontomother blog. I see lots of salads and fruits for snacking.
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