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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vital Stats

I feel super silly posting photos of progress over at the sidebar because I knew I hadn't lost any weight. In any case I am glad I did. I wouldn't have believed I made any progress if I didn't look at the photos side-by-side. I KNOW to put the scale away and look at other  measurements. But I seemed to have put the tape measure way, also. Nor did I get around to cutting a piece of string to mark my waist, hip, etc.... size. I am still hovering 167. I must admit, I do notice the difference in myself in the photo from May 2 compared to today's photo. With John being more eager to have smoothies first thing of the day and last thing, it's going to help me a lot.

Besides photos other measurements and vital signs to note.

One big difference between May 2 and now is the weight lifting. From Jan to May, I was doing heavy cardio. After my (end of April) Age Management conference, I came back eager to do more intense intervals and weight lifting. Some weeks I only did two days of weights. Now I am doing 3 days. I consider bench pressing a vital sign. Yesterday I was able to lift the 45 pound with 25 pound plates on each side 5 times. Total 95 pounds pressed. It really didn't take me that long to build up to that weight. In college I could do more. :) I expect to see my strength increase fast.  John and I enjoy working out together. William is going to come with us to the gym when he is not in karate.

I noticed at my highest weight, I had trouble fitting into flattering shoes. I have a big and wide foot, but now it hasn't been as difficult. I notice it in my wedding ring also. I did have it sized up at one point. I am almost ready to get it fitted again.

Another measurement I will  have soon -- John wants to renew my insurance (life/health) policies. With a new physical and labs I can get the current rate extended. I am certain, my chol, blood pressure, sugar, etc.... will all be normal. I am certain my weight is less than when they came by last time.

Since last photo, I started taking the extra vitamins. I have also added some variety to my nutrition with sunfire foods (chocolate bliss, fiesta mole, pristine sea salt) which all happen to be quick and easy to prepare! Rawkin' Trish is having a give-away on the sea salt.

Let me end with a funny story (not nutrition related) about the shorts I am wearing in both photos.  I like the style of shorts ALOT. I am not often comfortable in pants and shorts. I like the length on these-covering my thighs. I originally bought them in two colors: Grey and Black. I kept going back to the store in May looking for another color.  One day, I didn't see them, next time, in a rush...  Last week I am looking through my closet and I see the khaki pants (in the photo). I thought, "I don't remember buying those. I guess I did and put them away."

Remember, I've been going through test preparation brain-fry or is it Alzheimer's?

I get dressed with my new pants and go about my day. My friend Mary who helps with the boys and a million other things calls me and asks me if I noticed anything different in the closet. I am thinking, she sorted belts or organized with the boys. I go to the closet and am looking all around while she is on the phone. I seem to not be noticing anything new. I am not getting "hotter." She tells me to look where my pants hang. I see nothing new. She finally gives and asks me if I see the khaki shorts. I AM WEARING THEM. duh...She liked my original shorts. She said she bought herself shorts and decided she didn't like them on her as much as on me and she hung them up in my closet when she had the boys. Well, Mary, I love my new shorts. Blush.....


  1. You look wonderful!!! Weightlifting makes HUGE differences! Find a trainer that does BMI with a skin-fold caliper (experienced)and go back in a few months and do it again. I am sure you will see a difference!
    I wish I wasn't so far away.. I would LOVE to work out with you!!

  2. You look great! And I am amazed at how healthy your diet is. You are a great motivation for me.

  3. Thanks Zaneta. As you can see I am back to "no cooking" again. I'm glad I found an alternative to cooking. It is for different reasons than the reasons I had when I wrote up PTM. Funny how tings come full circle. :)

    Good idea Carrie.

  4. You are right, I didn't even realize that. Funny :-)

  5. Oh Denise, I just love you! And I think you look way awesome in your new photo you put up! You rawk' girl! Woot! Woot!


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