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Monday, August 30, 2010

Purslane and Mango

My older boys begged for fried chicken from Publix (not Scott, he wouldn't touch it). I decided to get them a junk food meal. I told them it would be a teaching lesson. I expected they would be sick and complaining through Karate. I didn't touch the junk food, but I felt pretty sick and they didn't (yet). Go figure. Can just smelling grease make you sick?

I am glad I have this blog. I am definitely not an expert on Raw food and I am not all Raw, but it serves the purpose of keeping my mind focused (just like the exercises chart, I wrote about in my previous post) on nutrition. I continue to re-evaluate what I eat, my goals, and my progress. I like looking back at my posts to keep previous good ideas and resources in the front line.

Last weekend, I pulled many more mangoes off my special organically fertilized tree. Scott eats one or two a day. David is little and eats a little. And John talked William into never eating eating them. Mangoes was one fruit, I could get William to eat if we purchased them. I have been slicing and freezing. I think I have enough frozen mango to last until the fruit ripens next year. I will not have to buy any frozen fruit for a long time. I have been making smoothies with frozen mango and banana  and spinach (less fruit, more spinach) and adding various vegan protein and vitamin powders.  I am pretty satisfied with the taste. I'm sure I will be drinking this recipe for a long time. We have fresh fruit from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Robyn posted on about an edible weed. I immediately identified the purslane from the photo. I have it growing all over.  I was intrigued by the weed(?) when I first noticed it at my house months ago. It had a pretty flower and it was in an overgrown pot from previous owner. I couldn't tell if it was intended or not intended and moved some of it to another container and continued to be interested at what a beautiful weed(?) it is. After Robyn's post I decided to taste it. Actually it does taste good. When I googled it, there are many recipes for salads using its leaves. I am going to dedicate a bigger container for it and let it grow where I know its safe to eat. I'll probably pick leaves off to snack as I walk around my yard each day. I am sure John will love it in his smoothies and salads, too.

We have a dragon fruit cactus growing and blossoming in the yard. I like the idea of no maintainence edibles like my mango and purslane. We are hand fertilizing the blossoms. Hope we see some results.

If John reads this post, he would probably leave a comment that my organic mangoes and wild weeds are making me sick (not the smell of fried chicken). I know he's wrong. 

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  1. jordan rubin (the maker's diet author and founder of garden of life) is gonna be at nutrition s'mart tonight at 7. he's gonna do a lecture on empowering extraordinary health.


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