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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to Basics

It's amazing how mentally relieved, I feel after an exam compared to before. These past few weeks have been so busy, for the first time in a long time, I feel like my plate is relatively clean (no pun intended). Typically in the past, exam time would be a time of snacking and binging. Food would be the source of entertainment to keep me in the books.

Today a patient commented that I am disappearing. Fortunately (for the patient) the last 10 pounds takes as long to lose as everything before it, so I am not vanishing that quickly. I certainly stuck to a sensible eating program most of the time before exam  and did not gain weight. I continued to work out in the gym while my boys attended karate class and see my strength improving.  But I want to get back to the basics.

From the Green Smoothie Girl 12 step manual:

At the conclusion of 12 months, you should find this daily diet easy:
1. 2 lbs of vegetables, 60-80% raw, half of them above the ground green
2. 3- 5 raw fruits
3. 1 cup whole grains (cooked and/or sprouted)
4. 1 cup legumes (cooked and or sprouted)
5. 3-6 T of fats found in vegetables, seeds, and the highest quality oils that are antioxidant- and lignan- rich with Omega fats (3, 6, 9) and essential fatty acids
6. Organic, free range animal products minimized to 5 % or less of the daily diet, with processed refined foods and concentrated sweeteners minimized or eliminated.

This past week, I've been taking mental notes,noting  if I eat this way. This is what I've come up.

1. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I am not sure I eat a whole pound of green leafy's everyday. This week, I've made sure I've had a big salad and packed with green's smoothie. I've been using Vitamineral Green to get more greens.

2. I probably have waaaay more fruit than 5 servings a day. Do I really need to cut back?

3 & 4. I may have been slacking in this department. Of course this week, I've made sure I kept fresh batches of fresh lentils, mung, adzuki, sunflower, and almonds. I've got sprouted brown rice protein powder to add to smoothies. Being sure I get my 2 cups worth may help with my B vitamins. I eat a lot of chick peas, both cooked and sprouted. Occasionally we have cooked brown rice or barley. These, I have listed are the easiest for me and I'd like to increase my variety. The toco's in my chocolate bliss contain a grain (right Trish?). While I am thinking of the bliss, where does bliss fall into this, fruit, grain, any veggies?

5. Fats and oils. I probably go way overboard here, too. Do spouted sunflower seeds and almonds count as 3 & 4 or 5.    5--that's what I thought. Leaves no room for coconut oil, EVO, nut oils, avacodo which I enjoy all to frequently. Hemp goes in this group too? No wonder I don't lose weight faster!!!

6. No problem for me.   I love the flexibility of the goals of GSG program, but I also love that she teaches you to do more Raw if inclined. I am inclined, but there are certain situations (<5%) I'd rather not challenge. Perhaps with more experience at this Raw thing, these times will be less and less.

My! How times change. Most people who come to visit me at my house, love trying smoothies and chocolate bliss. MY HUSBAND IS EVEN ASKING FOR THEM NOW!!! I also had a wonderful chance to make green smoothies (spinach, frozen banana, strawberry, hemp powder, and toco's from Rawkin'  Trish.) for a group at my office. I wanted 2 proteins. I chose the toco's for my demo because they are a bit sweet and wanted to make sure it would be palatable and I chose the hemp for the novelty of "Dr. Punger gave us hemp."

One other chock bliss question for Trish. Do you know how it and the ingredients would count on a weight watchers program? I am not doing ww, but I would like to properly counsel others who are successfully making their transitions through ww.


  1. so awesome. thanks for sharing your journey

  2. I remember doing a post similar to this a while back, just evaluating how I was doing with the 12 step program. It is fun to be introspective, isn't it? Yay!
    So the beauty of superfoods is that they fall into several categories there. Hemp is a complete protein and provides the correct balance of your omega fats!! Tocos is a pristine rice bran product that has really high anti-oxidants. I consider grains as less than my highest choice, but an occasional indulgence with where I am at now.

    And really, it is all about where are you at and where are your clients at who you are advising. Because there are higher choices and lower choices, and "food group" thinking is one choice that is less than fair if you are choosing to consume superfoods regularly- which I know you are!

    I keep in my mind the goal of Robyn's 12 step program- which was to bring people out of the SAD diet and into eating a whole foods diet. Is it the highest someone can come up? No. But it is way better than what most people are eating. Each individual has to decide how far upscale they desire to come.

    I look forward to knowing all the exact amounts of nutrients in Chocolate Bliss as well when that feature is available. For now I enjoy having my best day ever and now that it, along with raw and organic produce as well as other superfoods are my highest choice.

  3. I keep Robyn's 12 step guide on my desk.

    Yay! I have the bound printed edition with my foreword in it. I enjoy referring to the chapters often. I particularly enjoyed listening to her audio recently and she really said RAW, much more often than I remembered (salads, dressings, dehydrator and sprout recipes). I suppose my first few cover-to-cover readings, I was focused on SAD to green smoothies. I got what I needed then.

    I also like going back and forth between perspectives from sucessful people on Raw/high Raw. I particularly liked listening to her take on salt after hearing David's. Same message, but different perspective. I get something out of it each time I go back. Reading lots of perspectives, keeps me from getting narrowed minded. It keeps a healthy variety of Raw in my diet, so I don't get bored. I actually look at some people's daily raw intake logs and I don't think they are doing themselves as much benefit as they could. Yet, I still get good ideas from them. I would love for more Raw people to test their vitamins.


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