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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

45 x 45

I added weight training into my work out at the end of April.

I did free weights in college and got strong and found that even after all this time, it came easy to me. Don't misunderstand. I am not saying I am or was a body builder or competitive. Simply building strength and setting personal goals in the gym is what came easy. Back in college, I was able to bench the 45 pound bar with 45 pound plates on both sides (Total 135 pounds). I am not sure why I stopped. (Probably met John and got side tracked.)  I often felt some regret for quitting. Through obesity, I never thought I would be able to lift significant weights again. My mom went to the gym with John and I early July and took this photo. I was pressing the 45 pound bar with a 10 and 5 pound bar on each side. Seventy Pounds. Maxed out.

Quickly I noticed each time I came back to the gym, I was able to do more weight on the press. I began wondering if I could ever bench the 45 pound plates again. I went home and made a chart. I noticed my pattern. I extended my chart out for 2 months. If I continue to go to the gym three times a week and add weights and and reps. I should be able to bench the 45 pound plates by my 45th birthday, hence 45 x 45.

It looked far fetched on paper, however, I am sticking with my chart and meet my goals each time I go to the gym. I missed one gym day  last week, yet today, I benched my goal for this upcoming Friday. 110 pounds, 2 reps, 2 sets. Actually just doing it twice was my goal.  I felt strong and went for the extra short set. That was 25 pound, 5  and 2.5 plates on each side of the bar. I am totally amazed how quickly my strength is coming back.

Perhaps as I get to higher weights, my strength won't increase so fast. Who knows what life interference may come my way, but I think I am going to be able to make my goal. Ihave about 6 weeks.  I was telling a Weight Watchers leader my gym routine today and she had a name for plotting out work-out goals as an important motivator for sticking to a weight loss/fitness/ lifestyle plan. I see how it is helping me stay committed and motivated to going to the gym. I also want to consume healthy food and beverages before the gym so I optimize my potential. Lots of people make goals like training for a race or triathlon which is a similar motivator. ( I know lots of people in WW. I did it high school, but I don't do WW, now.) this leader happens to tell me I am doing it the best way with exercise and raw whole food. She says too many in her class want microwavable packaged meals.

My sister directed me to exercise blogs with videos, that have helped me with my form and give me  exercise ideas.

Trainer Mom

Live the Fit Life  ( I could not do this circuit when she shared it with me, but I am much better at it now!)

I also like watching the videos from the local

Sampson's Gym   ( I am not much for classes, but one day I want to do the ladies get-fit boot camp).


  1. wow. impressive. I am still trying to add walking three times a week. I like the idea of the cahrt and such to stick with it.

  2. This is so good! How did you get John motivated or did you even have to?? I am hoping Marc will join me on his own without me sounding and acting like a personal trainer :-/

  3. Tach,

    Suprisingly John didn't resist this gym memebership. I wrote about it when we first went.

    He resists so much of everything else. I talk about bootcamp, pilates, riding bikes with Jenny and he doesn't want me to do anything else.

    I have to help him with technique. I need him to spot me some. He doesn't tell me what to do in the gym.


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