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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yummy Tomato Soup

I dare you to get your Campbell's soup out now.

I've tried several times to make a raw tomato base soup. Finally I found one that I love. Tomato soup is not something that I particularly cared for "before." Not Campbell"s anyway. Sure I would love some homemade creamy Tomato soup, but I would know it's not particularly good for me (ei... heavy whipping cream and table salt). The idea of being able to make tomato soup quickly in a blender with all healthy ingredients appealed to me.

Wanting to add some variety to my meal planning, I was eyeing Fiesta Mole over at Rawkin with Trish, and finally got some from her store when I placed an order for Live B viamins (and ordered other things you'll hear about, soon). I just had a feeling I would love the soup made with this special seasoning (an understatement). I had my tomatoes ready-to-go the day I expected my package to arrive.

I filled my Blendtec with about 4-5 big tomatoes, a clove a garlic, a small piece of pepper, somewhere between 1/4-1/3 cup raw cashews, and a handful of tomatoes, lots of fresh basil and cuban oregano (both home grown).  Of course, 2 heaping Tablespoons of Fiesta Mole and 2 teaspoons of Sunfire Salt. After it was blended I added an additional tomato to the blender and put it on pulse to have a little texture. This was delicious!

John was so impressed how fast I made dinner! I didn't call it raw. I told him it was one of the soups you can do in a blender. It takes the focus off of preparation and puts it back on the flavor.

Some of you know I don't care for pepper that much. I've been trying to "grow up" and eat more raw vegetables and just a hint of a little pepper went well with this.

Did I say I could scoop up and lick Fiesta Mole right off the spoon. It's kind of like what I always wanted my "taco seasoning" to taste like, but could never seem to achieve the right blend.  What's also great is there are many variations to the way this soup can be made. I am looking forward to putting this seasoning with flavor, antioxidents, adaptogens, and more on many more foods.


  1. I love the FM tomato soup too! It rawks my sox! Yeah! Tomato euphoria at its best!

  2. Finally caught up with your blog. Love it! Your thoughs and your stories! I say you Mangoes are just very very ORGANIC! Love it! Also posted some comments and questions on the replenishing vitamins post!


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