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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random Thoughts Since Repleting my Vitamins

I must admit, I do feel better a few weeks since taking getting my results. I have had B12 shots twice a week. I started on the glutathione as soon as it came. Before I received the orders for my my raw and living vitamins, I used up some of the Vitamins around the house.

Some other reasons I've been hesitant to take vitamins is because if I juice and eat wholefood to avoid preservatives and additives, I don't want them in my daily vitamins. I've found out a lot of other people who don't take vitamins and supplements feel the same way. Despite ingredients, I felt it better to just get started on nourishing my body.

I am slowly starting to incorporate some of the newer supplements as they arrive. Just want to be sure I understand proper use of the supplements to get the most benefit and not take everything all at once. My body is probably going through quite an adjustment as I am replenishing all the B's and glutathione I've been needing. I have full intentions of sharing what supplements are successful for me.

I've had no mystery conjunctivitis or sinus problems, etc... in the past few weeks. I am usually not sick. It was really unusual for me to have these things just prior to getting my test results. I've had no significant acne. Acne is something I've dealt with monthly. I am feeling like that is under control. With such a busy schedule busy, I accepted that feeling panicky with so many things to do and unfinished tasks list was a way of life. I have felt much more relaxed. I may have just as much to do, but dealing with it more calmly. A few have asked if I feel any negative detox from replenishing my vitamins. No adverse reactions so far. :) I feel cleansed. :) My thoughts are racing a little, but one thing I attribute that to is not getting them "down on blog." I really want to blog more frequently and share and ask questions. I just don't have time to sit. My family life (at home) is absolutely full. My time allotted to see patients in the office has been unseasonably busy and packed for this time of year (Actually, I have been super busy since February, but I expected it in February.). On many days, I just get seconds to peak at my reader and updates and barely time to compose thoughts and download photos. )

I've been noticing how there is various styles of raw. Some make gourmet raw meals, some juice and some live off smoothies. Some avoid dried and dehydrated food and some do eat packaged raw food. Some eat superfoods that grow near the equator in South America (I married a South American from the equator!) and some want only local. Some won't touch honey and others are exclusively vegan. Some are high raw and some claim to have not had heated food for years. I find the variety intriguing. I am glad that so many are willing to share their experiences via the Internet. I like trying a bit of everything. I have even eating a few mushrooms and peppers lately.

I can't help but wonder who else has checked their intracellular micronutrient levels or who gets serum vitamin levels checked. I'd love to know how vegan and raw foodist do. Well, actually I find it interesting that most of my patients who get checked have deficiencies no matter what their diet. Most being Standard American diet to "low fat" animal products diet. I've paid more attention this week to what vitamins people who's food blogs I read are using.

"We" are taught in school that excess vitamins get peed out. I am really thinking that our society is chronically multivitamin deficient.

Thoughts, please?


  1. I think I am going to start working on a post about nutrients and anti-nutrients and what I have learned about them. We just watched "Food Matters" and that really elevated my perspective on things! I hope you are enjoying your superfoods.
    I would like to test my micronutrient levels and monitor my health more closely. I think I need a bit of help on how to do this though! Any thoughts?

  2. Everything is going good with the products I got from you. How I'd love to have time to take photos and blog for hours tonight. :)

    Let me think how it is best for you to pursue testing. Anyone else with the same question. If I don't get to posting info on here soon enough, privately email me.

  3. I've gotten my serum levels checked. Regular MDs say I am not deficient by their standards however cannot explain symptoms when NDs check and can.

    about various styles of raw--yes there are and it can get really overwhelming at first. I just tried to focus on remaining raw and eating lots of greens and fresh food. dehydrated foods are fun to mix up the textures. from over the years I have seen the people who get too rigid too quickly struggle. Have fun with it!

  4. This is all very interesting to me. I have never had my levels checked. How does one even go about it? It would be very very intersting to know where I am at. Especially with the type of diet I have had for the past 8 plus years. I have taken supplements from time to time. Usually whole food ones withough synthetic ingredients. I have also wondered about my digestion and absorption. I have been working on getting more ferminted foods hoping it will help. I feel like I really eat enough nutrients but I'm not sure my body uses all of them. Would love all the info and experience you can share!!! Thanks!!!!


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