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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our ORGANIC Homegrown Mangoes

It's Mango season. The mangoes are big and juicy, finally, and they are the sweetest most juiciest mangoes ever. Right on my own tree. In my own yard. Everyone's dream to have an over productive fruit bearing tree right in their own back yard. In my area many of the neighbors have thriving mango trees.

But, John won't touch ours. Ironically he always loved mangoes and I'd let him eat all the ones we get from co-op. I never cared as much for mangoes. Some of you who read PTM and know John knows he has his superstitions. Maybe you'll agree with him on this one.

Our tree is well nourished in part because we feel like the roots found there way to the under ground septic system. Yep, they are fertilized by nature. Animal wastes nourish the plant kingdom. Plants and their waste products nourish us. We keep each other healthy.

After we bought the house, I did my research to see if John had any valid concerns. My conclusion was that what I grow in my own yard is better than any fresh fruit I can import. Who knows what is sprayed directly on the fields elsewhere? Who knows how any fruit has been handled?  Also, I've discussed on my PTM blog how mangoes are heat treated when they are imported and not really raw.

John acts like  I go out and literally rub soiled diapers right onto the fruit. He thinks the rest of the world is sterile. Maybe you will think I am the most disgusting thing on earth because I eat this fruit. Or maybe you'll want to run over and have some with me. I never know if I should share them because John has poisoned the minds of everyone he can think of that I might share them with more then the fruit ever could.  Oh, and if John hasn't scared you, he  has trained one of the boys to fill in in his absence. Just before you take a bite of my delicious mango slices at my raw bar, a little peep will chime up.

In comes John's mother to the Raw bar (AKA-our buffet line). John has not caught up yet. She takes a bite. He comes around the corner. "Mami, you know where that's from????" She laughed. "Yes, Johnny, I know, It's organic!"

I'm like the wicked old lady but with a basket of mangoes. They are most definitely ORGANIC.

Sadly, John won't eat any mangoes anymore. Not even the ones from co-op. The mangoes are distinctly different but he thinks I am tricking him somehow.


I have discovered I like them room temperature best when they are soft. They ripen on the counter. I check for the falling ones first. But when I pick them of the tree, I take them with part of the branch because the sap at the break point will rot the skin and fruit. Taking part of the branch will avoid that problem. I have cut some up and froze them in baggies for smoothies

Yes, I have a flourishing tree, but has to be with a story.


  1. I choose to come over and eat some! Well, if I lived near enough I would choose that... :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chin MW,


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