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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kristen's Raw Frozen Banana Smoothie

I've been promising most of you I'd share this link with you for Banana Hemp Smoothie.

This is the one smoothie my husband asks for. In fact he almost wants it daily.

I love the taste, texture, and temperature. Frozen bananas make good Raw desserts especially when combined with chocolate/carob.

I love that it does not need any added sweeteners to be delicious. The frozen bananas are plenty sweet. I cut up six bananas ahead of time and freeze so we'll have enough for my family. Scott and David will have some. William is finicky with this one, too.

I've been big on green smoothies, but this has been a great way for me to get protein and totally satisfy my need for frozen dessert.

I make it with choc nibs, or choc or carob powder. I've also added mint (making it a green smoothie). I haven't made it with chocolate bliss yet, but, I will be.

If I there is any left over I can pour it into a (Tupperware-type) Popsicle maker and have a pop later. :)

It's easy! Bananas are available year round and store well. The rest of the ingredients are out of the pantry. I like it with cinammon as well.


  1. yum. I will have to get some of that hemp stuff.

  2. YOu are my hero.. thanks for posting!! I Can't wait to try it. Must by more banana's quickly!

  3. What I love about the chocolate bliss is that it has chocolate and carob, instead of one or the other. I hope you all are enjoying it!


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