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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work Out Progress

I am not good at logging individual work-outs to monitor progress, but I thought tonight's work-out was worth noting because I could feel my progress. John and I went to the gym tonight. Going to the gym is turning out to be good together time, even though we often do things separate, he is there to spot me if needed.

Tonight I started with abdominal. 1) Leg lifts- I can't fully extend my legs, but I could do 2 strong sets of 10 with knees bent. 2) decline board sit up, 2 sets of 10. 3) pron incline board 4) crunch machines 5) Using dumbbells and twisting my torso

Upper body-- warm up set of bench press, 1 set with 5 pound weights on each side, 10 reps. 1 set with 10 pound weights on each side. The goal is that by the last rep I should be at failure. I think I can handle more weight next time. :) I did a set on the decline bench press and incline bench press. Bar only. Side note: In college when I bench pressed I got strong fast. I expect now, I will continue to add weight quickly to the bar now that I've established a routine.
For back, I did the pull down machine and used a bent bar. 2 sets, 10 reps each.

Bicep curls with bent bar and (10 pound) dumbbells 2 sets each 10 reps.

Triceps curls with dumbbells and pull down rope. ( I know my settings, don't remember weight).

Cardio was strong tonight. I feel my improvement and in no way would I have been able to do this when we joined the gym in January.

25 minutes total with a 3 1/3 minute warm up and cool down walking. I did 6 intervals, approx. 1 1/2 minutes each at 6 mph. Three intervals in the middle were on a .5 incline. Recovery walking intervals in between. The goal was to get where I am huffing and puffing so anaerobic metabolism kicks in. I got there, no doubt. The treadmill records heart rate but not at 6 mph. When I quickly brought the speed to 3.8 mph all 6 times I was at 165 beats per minute which is way above 85% of my target heart rate (a great thing). I hope to continue building my way up.
The recent conference I attended really emphasized how important interval training 2-3 x week is to improve cardiovascular fitness and fat burning. However if you are not exercising much, to start you just need to establish a routine of walking daily (or whatever) before you start intervals. Wherever you are at feel great that you are establishing a pattern.
John's looking good these days! I told him I was going to post his photo. He said, ok... I hope he meant it!!!

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