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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vitamin Test Profile Results

After I atttended the Age Management Conference last month, I was all fired up to check some of my own blood work. I don't do blood work often because it's always good and since I am doing EVERYTHING I would do anyway, it didn't seem to make much sense. Being in an environment with healthy physicians who monitor themselves for wellness parameters spurred on my curiosity, big-time. I checked my micronutrient levels (Vitamin Test Profile) a few years ago, which became the impetus for me to eat healthier. Being that processed food is out of my diet and I am eating HUGE amounts of greens, sprouts, fruits and banans, beans and nuts daily, nutritonal yeast, I didn't think it was that important to check my vitamin levels again (it involves a simple blood draw). Although this is a Raw blog, I find it impossible to eat Raw everyday, so I eat some cooked grains and beans, popcorn, and rare cheese, often when someone else prepped the food.

Well... I am glad I did check my levels.

My B's are inadequate, many are much lower than they should, and my Glutathione level is low.

Glutathione is from animal sources. Not surprising it would be low, but it knocked down my overall anti-oxidant scores.

I take monthly B12 shots and have for years, so why is that low?

I am glad I checked, but not totally sure where to go from here.

I've taken a few extra B12 shots this week. Obviously I am going to need more than monthly. I really didn't think I needed vitamins because of how I eat, but I probably need vitmins for the rest of my life no matter how good I eat. It bothers me thinking I can't acheive good vitamin levels from food alone. I lot of my readers talk about how pharma companies biases physicians and all the marketing and money in pharma, but that's what bothers me in vitamins in supplement industry-- the hype, the sales force, the direct pyramid marketing. If I ate more food to get the vitamins, it would be way too much caloric intake. People think of vitamin deficiencies like Vit C--->scurvy, Vit D--> Rickets, but it just got me wondering if we as a society are chronically suffering multiple lifelong vitamin deficiency. I am not that impressed that my good eating helped my vitamin levels as I compare my results to two years ago. Yes, I am hard on myself, and yes, eating healthy has helped me achieve weight loss, better fitness, better cholesterol and blood pressure, but not help my vitamin deficiencies. I think my Reliv Vitamins from 2 years ago might have done me good. I stopped them when my eating improved. Well, since I have plenty of powdered Reliv and whole food based Rainbow lite in my closet, I've been making sure I get B's every time I have Green's this week. Spirul-tein which a I have but don't use much has B's and I have been using that in my smoothies this week. I do use Nutritional yeast a lot which is high in B's. In fact I thought I used it way too much. I guess I won't back off.

Am I absorbing it if I ingest it? Don't know.

I've ordered two sources of glutathione, one from a Raw source and one from a local friend who just happened to start promoting it before I retested. I've got a Raw B complex on its way, too, to add or replace to the vitamins I have handy.

I am going to review the basic green smoothie diet and make sure I haven't unknowingly deviated or leaving something out.

I am going to review the nuts, beans, sprouts, and other veggies I eat to make sure they do represent the vitamins I think they represent.

In hind site, since I drew my blood three weeks ago (And I was fine), but since the blood draw it was weird, I got a pink eye, I stomach bug, and a sinusitis all in a row. That kind of let me know everything was probably not ok. The days before the blood draw included the long days at conference and jury duty. The test reflects 6 months, not just the current day. My mentor to interpret the test results tells me my results are a stress profile. No kidding!!

A lot of people associate B's with hair and nails. I have no nails. I had noticed my hair looked frail a year ago, not falling out, just frail and it was one reason I stopped coloring it, but I hadn't noticed improvement. Maybe now I will notice improvement?

One other thing, I am going to do, is check for repletion in 6 months. I'm not going to wait 2 years this time!


  1. Do you take any probiotics, perhaps an absorption issue not intake issue?
    I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel taking them, long story but it has really helped Nikolas too.

    Spirulina is plant based, spiru-tein (if it is what I have) is a protein powder drink (like post workout, or meal replacement) Good stuff. I have never had good nails in my entire life however, my hair is longer than it has been in years!

    I will let you know if I come up with anything else.

  2. I will start taking probiotics or at least a high super quality vitamin with probiotics in it. I have never had a yeast issue, so I really didn't think to take them. However at the conference and all my follow up reading suggest them for EVERYONE. Period. Even when starting weight loss programs they are recommended to help gut flora/reduce sugar cravings (assuming obese people have sugar cravings :) ) Another reason I haven't taken them is I've tried making my own fermented food like sour craut and carrots. I must admit, I can't get use to the taste and haven't been sucessful.

  3. Also, my rep at spectracell says with stress profiles, its not always an issue of not enough intake, but burning it up faster.

  4. I'm excited to see what kind of changes the foods I give you bring for you! The quality digestive aid will definitely make a big difference! In all your supplements, make sure to steer clear of mag stearate and other synthetics- they will block the uptake of food nutrients. Ex: ascorbic acid will block natural vitamin C. Also for a probiotic I recommend finding Salivarius. It isn't one that is in my store but maybe check amazon or other online shops. Good luck and can't wait to hear from you soon!

  5. I got away from taking vitamins myself and reselling them in the office because I quesitoned ascorbic acid and other perservative in them. I also didn't like all the responsibility of retail (and hype) in a growing practice. I know my diet has gone months without ascorbic acid and other perservatives, so there has to be other reasons for inadequate levels.

  6. You are right, a lot of people are low in B vitamins. Our bodies go through them quickly when we are stressed. I found I was not absorbing my vitamin D so I switched to a new supplement and my levels went up and symptoms were gone. I have also gotten B-12 shots. No additives and it stores in your system so it is not wasteful to take a lot of it. I've written a lot about supplements and deficiencies on my blog...feel free to read and ask me any questions!


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