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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exercise Routine

My exercise routine has been quite regular since January when I joined the gym. I switched things around after my seminar I attended a month ago. At conference they emphasized how important interval training is. Two lectures discussed how woman especially think that the longer (or more miles) the better. They really emphasized the importance of huffing and puffing to build lung capacity, burn fat, and speed up metabolism beyond the exercise session. For example 20 minutes with 4-5 intervals (2-3 x/week) would be a lot more productive than a slow and steady jog everyday. I've actually noticed, I've burned more calories with intervals than I longer paced session on the same machine.

From a time standpoint I feel relief knowing the importance of intervals because I don't have time to jog long miles everyday, but I do have time to do 2-3 intervals a week with activity in between.

When my boys are in karate 2-3 x/week that's when I've been doing my intervals either on the treadmill or on the spinning bike at the gym. It doesn't take me more than 20 minutes, so now I have time for sit-ups each time and an upper or lower body work out with weights. I've alternated upper or lower body. I have a few dumbbells at home, so with 4 sessions (1 at home), I can do upper twice a week and lower twice a week.

Scott (and sometimes friends) have made it a point to go kayaking once a week. Each trip varies depending on who we are with. This can be my longer more recreational and fun thing to do.
I still like walking, swimming, biking, and yard work (well, I do yard work, don't like it). I fill in the rest of the days with those activities.
I sure do think the intervals have made a difference. I notice in just a month, I am more toned and fitting into clothes better. Since I posted the 167 photo, I am 164. yeah.


  1. Awesome work Denise! I have been trying to be regular at the gym for sometime now. It is sometimes hard when baby keeps me up so much at night and I just want to rest a lot of the time....ahem....excuse me...I need to go back to bed now...

  2. Trish, "Focusing" on nutrition and excercise is a huge commitment. I am not sure I would have been able to do what I do now when my kids were younger. I am so inspired by how you are able to prioritize nutrition with a young baby.

  3. I do tons of walking, whether it be with the dog or delivering Avon books, I am out there at least 3-4 times a week and it is not a piddly 15 minute walk either.


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