Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before and Now Photos

I have been trying to get a recent descent photo of me to help me monitor my progress and share with you in the side bar.
The problems
--My kids are not always co-operative in taking photos
--Although I don't manipulate photos in photo shop there are techniques for flattering heavy people and techniques to make people look worse or better (depending on what you want to show) and I would not intentionally take and post a really bad photo. ( I can certainly find much more contrasting photos than these two.)
--I may have distorted body image and poor judgement as to what constitutes a before and now photo.

In any case I posted a photo from about 2 1/2 years ago and a current.

Although the purpose of eating raw is not all about weight, it does remind me of my progress and most people can relate to before and after.

I still have a long way to go and this conversation put it into a new perspective. This afternoon I met a kayaker while out at a celebration. I had never seen him before and I told him how I'd been out paddling this AM (and yesterday). His response: "That's why you look as fit as you do and shouldn't have been a couch potato," pointing to his gut. I don't think I've EVER been recognized as fit.:)


  1. you look great. But I know from reading this you feel better, so that is awesome! I took a before a few weeks ago and can't wait until the after. But i too want to feel better and have more energy.

  2. Hi! I just ordered green smoothie girls's 12 step program. I like the idea of about 70% raw food.
    I just went and put together all the process food that I am giving away tomorrow. I do feel bad donating it to food pantry as I don't want others eating it either, but since they do it is better than tossing it.
    I am concerned about how expensive some thing seem (like algae powders, vitamixers, dehydrators, etc.) It was a huge stretch even ordering the 12 step, but doing it alone is not working for me.
    Plus I only have about $300 a month for food for myself and the two boys. But I need to eat better so am sure I will figure out a way to work it all out.
    Thanks for this blog and all your advice and tips.

  3. Becky, I hope your enjoying the information in the 12 step program (assuming you've gotten it already). There should be many meal options that don't require rare finds. Robyn really is practical.
    Do you have any blender? Oh, yeah, I read you have the magic bullet. Start with anything you have. "In the Raw" recently reviewed an Oster she loves.

    The dehydrator is not as important as first. It took me a long time to know what to do with it. It sat for a long time with buyers remorse.

    I bought kelp granules which isn't that expensive, but often an optional ingredient in GSG recipes. Over time as you have increased appreciation of the value of sea vegetables.

    I don't like giving my unwanted food to food pantry either. Do I really help hunger, by giving unsatiable, unpalatable, non-nutrious foods away?


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