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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vitamin Test Profile Results

After I atttended the Age Management Conference last month, I was all fired up to check some of my own blood work. I don't do blood work often because it's always good and since I am doing EVERYTHING I would do anyway, it didn't seem to make much sense. Being in an environment with healthy physicians who monitor themselves for wellness parameters spurred on my curiosity, big-time. I checked my micronutrient levels (Vitamin Test Profile) a few years ago, which became the impetus for me to eat healthier. Being that processed food is out of my diet and I am eating HUGE amounts of greens, sprouts, fruits and banans, beans and nuts daily, nutritonal yeast, I didn't think it was that important to check my vitamin levels again (it involves a simple blood draw). Although this is a Raw blog, I find it impossible to eat Raw everyday, so I eat some cooked grains and beans, popcorn, and rare cheese, often when someone else prepped the food.

Well... I am glad I did check my levels.

My B's are inadequate, many are much lower than they should, and my Glutathione level is low.

Glutathione is from animal sources. Not surprising it would be low, but it knocked down my overall anti-oxidant scores.

I take monthly B12 shots and have for years, so why is that low?

I am glad I checked, but not totally sure where to go from here.

I've taken a few extra B12 shots this week. Obviously I am going to need more than monthly. I really didn't think I needed vitamins because of how I eat, but I probably need vitmins for the rest of my life no matter how good I eat. It bothers me thinking I can't acheive good vitamin levels from food alone. I lot of my readers talk about how pharma companies biases physicians and all the marketing and money in pharma, but that's what bothers me in vitamins in supplement industry-- the hype, the sales force, the direct pyramid marketing. If I ate more food to get the vitamins, it would be way too much caloric intake. People think of vitamin deficiencies like Vit C--->scurvy, Vit D--> Rickets, but it just got me wondering if we as a society are chronically suffering multiple lifelong vitamin deficiency. I am not that impressed that my good eating helped my vitamin levels as I compare my results to two years ago. Yes, I am hard on myself, and yes, eating healthy has helped me achieve weight loss, better fitness, better cholesterol and blood pressure, but not help my vitamin deficiencies. I think my Reliv Vitamins from 2 years ago might have done me good. I stopped them when my eating improved. Well, since I have plenty of powdered Reliv and whole food based Rainbow lite in my closet, I've been making sure I get B's every time I have Green's this week. Spirul-tein which a I have but don't use much has B's and I have been using that in my smoothies this week. I do use Nutritional yeast a lot which is high in B's. In fact I thought I used it way too much. I guess I won't back off.

Am I absorbing it if I ingest it? Don't know.

I've ordered two sources of glutathione, one from a Raw source and one from a local friend who just happened to start promoting it before I retested. I've got a Raw B complex on its way, too, to add or replace to the vitamins I have handy.

I am going to review the basic green smoothie diet and make sure I haven't unknowingly deviated or leaving something out.

I am going to review the nuts, beans, sprouts, and other veggies I eat to make sure they do represent the vitamins I think they represent.

In hind site, since I drew my blood three weeks ago (And I was fine), but since the blood draw it was weird, I got a pink eye, I stomach bug, and a sinusitis all in a row. That kind of let me know everything was probably not ok. The days before the blood draw included the long days at conference and jury duty. The test reflects 6 months, not just the current day. My mentor to interpret the test results tells me my results are a stress profile. No kidding!!

A lot of people associate B's with hair and nails. I have no nails. I had noticed my hair looked frail a year ago, not falling out, just frail and it was one reason I stopped coloring it, but I hadn't noticed improvement. Maybe now I will notice improvement?

One other thing, I am going to do, is check for repletion in 6 months. I'm not going to wait 2 years this time!


I don't have lots of readers here, but I have a question for you... What is Spirulina and What is Spiru-tein? Is the later a brand of the former?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work Out Progress

I am not good at logging individual work-outs to monitor progress, but I thought tonight's work-out was worth noting because I could feel my progress. John and I went to the gym tonight. Going to the gym is turning out to be good together time, even though we often do things separate, he is there to spot me if needed.

Tonight I started with abdominal. 1) Leg lifts- I can't fully extend my legs, but I could do 2 strong sets of 10 with knees bent. 2) decline board sit up, 2 sets of 10. 3) pron incline board 4) crunch machines 5) Using dumbbells and twisting my torso

Upper body-- warm up set of bench press, 1 set with 5 pound weights on each side, 10 reps. 1 set with 10 pound weights on each side. The goal is that by the last rep I should be at failure. I think I can handle more weight next time. :) I did a set on the decline bench press and incline bench press. Bar only. Side note: In college when I bench pressed I got strong fast. I expect now, I will continue to add weight quickly to the bar now that I've established a routine.
For back, I did the pull down machine and used a bent bar. 2 sets, 10 reps each.

Bicep curls with bent bar and (10 pound) dumbbells 2 sets each 10 reps.

Triceps curls with dumbbells and pull down rope. ( I know my settings, don't remember weight).

Cardio was strong tonight. I feel my improvement and in no way would I have been able to do this when we joined the gym in January.

25 minutes total with a 3 1/3 minute warm up and cool down walking. I did 6 intervals, approx. 1 1/2 minutes each at 6 mph. Three intervals in the middle were on a .5 incline. Recovery walking intervals in between. The goal was to get where I am huffing and puffing so anaerobic metabolism kicks in. I got there, no doubt. The treadmill records heart rate but not at 6 mph. When I quickly brought the speed to 3.8 mph all 6 times I was at 165 beats per minute which is way above 85% of my target heart rate (a great thing). I hope to continue building my way up.
The recent conference I attended really emphasized how important interval training 2-3 x week is to improve cardiovascular fitness and fat burning. However if you are not exercising much, to start you just need to establish a routine of walking daily (or whatever) before you start intervals. Wherever you are at feel great that you are establishing a pattern.
John's looking good these days! I told him I was going to post his photo. He said, ok... I hope he meant it!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure usually is about 120 /80 all my adult life, fat or not fat, pregnant or not pregnant. I've never taken blood pressure medication. I don't often check it because it never changes. Whatever made me check it today, I am not sure, but it was 102/59!! I am almost in disbelief, how good it is. My resting pulse is 60. This is more reason to keep up what I am doing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exercise Routine

My exercise routine has been quite regular since January when I joined the gym. I switched things around after my seminar I attended a month ago. At conference they emphasized how important interval training is. Two lectures discussed how woman especially think that the longer (or more miles) the better. They really emphasized the importance of huffing and puffing to build lung capacity, burn fat, and speed up metabolism beyond the exercise session. For example 20 minutes with 4-5 intervals (2-3 x/week) would be a lot more productive than a slow and steady jog everyday. I've actually noticed, I've burned more calories with intervals than I longer paced session on the same machine.

From a time standpoint I feel relief knowing the importance of intervals because I don't have time to jog long miles everyday, but I do have time to do 2-3 intervals a week with activity in between.

When my boys are in karate 2-3 x/week that's when I've been doing my intervals either on the treadmill or on the spinning bike at the gym. It doesn't take me more than 20 minutes, so now I have time for sit-ups each time and an upper or lower body work out with weights. I've alternated upper or lower body. I have a few dumbbells at home, so with 4 sessions (1 at home), I can do upper twice a week and lower twice a week.

Scott (and sometimes friends) have made it a point to go kayaking once a week. Each trip varies depending on who we are with. This can be my longer more recreational and fun thing to do.
I still like walking, swimming, biking, and yard work (well, I do yard work, don't like it). I fill in the rest of the days with those activities.
I sure do think the intervals have made a difference. I notice in just a month, I am more toned and fitting into clothes better. Since I posted the 167 photo, I am 164. yeah.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cheezy Sauce

Now that I have 6 wonderful followers and haven't posted in years, it's time to start sharing.

I made this yummy dip, Cheezy Sauce today.

It's one of Tam's recipes. I've tried many recipes from her sight (and like many of them!)and my lack of taste for red peppers may have held me back on trying this one. With so many dipping veggies on hand and my love for the flavor of nutrional yeast, I thought I'd give it a try. Everyone in my house loved it. (William took out nachos to dip in.) I added extra lemon so the pepper wouldn't dominate. It was perfect.

Around the plate there is broccoli, carrots, and celery from my co-op. The yellow squash was locally grown. I found them at Nelson's Market. The tomatoes were dehydrated in my Excalibur. I was never big on the flaver of sundried tomatoes. But now that I can make them on my own, I love them. By making my own I avoid the oil that comes with the oily ones and I avoid the preservatives "to retain" color. As you can see, they retained their color despite no additives.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before and Now Photos

I have been trying to get a recent descent photo of me to help me monitor my progress and share with you in the side bar.
The problems
--My kids are not always co-operative in taking photos
--Although I don't manipulate photos in photo shop there are techniques for flattering heavy people and techniques to make people look worse or better (depending on what you want to show) and I would not intentionally take and post a really bad photo. ( I can certainly find much more contrasting photos than these two.)
--I may have distorted body image and poor judgement as to what constitutes a before and now photo.

In any case I posted a photo from about 2 1/2 years ago and a current.

Although the purpose of eating raw is not all about weight, it does remind me of my progress and most people can relate to before and after.

I still have a long way to go and this conversation put it into a new perspective. This afternoon I met a kayaker while out at a celebration. I had never seen him before and I told him how I'd been out paddling this AM (and yesterday). His response: "That's why you look as fit as you do and shouldn't have been a couch potato," pointing to his gut. I don't think I've EVER been recognized as fit.:)
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