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Monday, April 12, 2010

Salad from today's harvest

I had a good Raw day today. I started with watermelon slices and collard chips. I brought a kale salad and 1 quart of green smoothie to the office with me. When I got home I opened a recently harvest coconut and drank about 1 cup of coconut milk. The boys and I walked around the house after the rain cleared and nibbled on fennel sprigs. I have an amazing co-operative garden at another location. I made the above salad with several varieties of greens that were harvested and freshly delivered to my door (thanks Lauren and Gail). The yellow is grated golden beets from our garden. There is also snips of garlic chives that are from one of my containers (thank you Jyl!). I was still sipping my smoothie when I was finishing my salad. After dinner, Scott juiced tangerines. The great news is I am full and happy. I am not hungry!!

Everyone asks what kind of protein is in that meal. Avocado (from Sam's), alfalfa sprouts that I grow in my kitchen, few spinach and chard leaves, sprouted sunflower seeds. My smoothie today has chia seeds in it (thanks Carrie, for the idea). The earlier collard chip seasoning has raw cashews in it. I am happy with my protein sources. Vegan proteins have an unexpected benefit of leaving a kitchen with no grease to clean up. That means no grease in me either.

This raw day follows two days of nearly, probably all raw, and I wasn't even in my own kitchen the day before last. Can you believe this? I was a 1/2 gallon a day of Breyer's Mint for many years. I haven't had Breyer's in 2 1/2 years (maybe just once or twice). I certainly didn't harvest my dinner, either, ever. Having fresh produce was not even something that came to my mind.

I plan on telling you in future posts how I like to make dehydrated kale and collard chips, about my fruit trees and container garden on the river, my co-operative garden, sprouting, and more. I hope you'll follow me.

I don't think David had one bite of that salad. :(

One more thing, why is there a grill in my header photo? It keeps John's meat out of my kitchen.


  1. I love the yellow in your salad. I have never had golden beets. Although I haven't blogged or talked about the green smoothies to anyone yet, I am LOVING them! They make me feel really full, which is great. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Alanna, Green smoothies and of course salad puts you so far a head of most people in terms of nutrition. Keep up the good work.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the goodies from the garden! It's been fun eating out of my backyard and sharing, too. Thanks for the the shredded beet idea- I'll try that on my next salad. I haven't tried my golden beets yet, but Gail says they are delicious!



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