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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Locally Grown Dinner

Thanks to the co-operative efforts of Gerry, Gail, and Lauren, I am stocked with our local greens. I made beautiful salads tonight for dinner with our lettuces, chard, and spinach which was topped with grated golden beat and carrot, pepper, and Canadian cucumber and scallions from co-op).

Tomorrow morning I have plenty of local chard for my smoothie which I will be taking on the road with me. And I have local kale for a kale salad for lunch. I'll be at conference tomorrow and should I give in to temptations, it won't be without consuming about 30 servings of greens first! Gerrie is also sharing with me Nastrurtium flowers which are edible and a few are going into my smoothie tomorrow. I'll be packing plenty of fruit also and sprouted sunflower seed also.

My cardio work-outs are going well. On Monday and Wed (tonight), I have finally run 2 miles. I need a long warm up before I run. I am going on the eliptical first (works upper body) and then another stepper type machine. I ran the 3 miles on a treadmill at about 13:45 min miles. I start slowly and increase my speed. I also put it on a .5 incline for a few short intervals. Then Max And I walk a block back to meet the boys at karate. There is a 5 k fun run at the conference. Perhaps it will be the first "race" for me since before William.

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  1. Fabulous Denise! It sounds like you are doing fantastic! I think since my weight dropped I have become more open to the idea of running and cardio workouts. I used to struggle with that kind of thing. Maybe I'll try a 5K out sometime.


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