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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funky Rooster Farm

Back in the fall Lauren started a veggie garden, which has done very well! You can see her established rows in the background. She offered me some space and I purchased pots and seeds and started two rows which is in the foreground of this photo.Another view of the rows I contributed to the garden after transplanting young plants to our pots.Lauren took this photo after a few weeks of growth. Lauren did a lot of background research before setting up the initial garden which I am very grateful for and her initial rows served as the "guinea pig." I enjoyed the herbs and kale that she shared with me so much that I couldn't resist getting in on it. I hesitated a bit because the garden is not in my own yard and I wondered if I would have access to it when I needed it, but what cinched it for me is that my new neighbor the other person in this co-operative also. For me that means my veggie share isn't dependent on me going back and forth to get it. When Gail and Lauren visit each other my veggies can hitch a ride! What more could I ask for?! When I go out there I can recipricate and bring back some for Gail.This is John's mother with one of the first bundles they brought to me: kale, dill, chard, purple lettuce, spinach, mint are a few of the things you see laying out. Having access to such fresh tasty produce makes the Raw adventure much more easy. This produce is on top of what I get from co-op which I have blogged about at Permission to Mother. Why Funk Rooster Farm? Lauren is building chicken coops. The name of her farm comes from the funky variety of eggs she will have. When I asked what I should call her garden when I write about it, we decided to use the Funky Rooster Farm.


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  2. Those are very cool before and after pictures!



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