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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Eat-Nothing-Diet

One of my associates is struggling with her diabetes and weight. She has tried every diabetic pill out there including all the new shots with the exception of insulin. As many diabetics do, she "thinks" she is on a low sugar diet, but since we work together, I often see what she eats. It's not low sugar. Mostly its processed box food or fast food (like I used to eat). After suffering with an ulcer with her latest medication regimen, I suggested as a last resort with a happy face that she try my food. She replied,
"Oh, the-eat-nothing diet. No way. "

This post isn't about her success or lack of success. But it is about her response to my choices. When I was eating a SAD diet, my perception of other high raw foodists was that they eat barely nothing. I PROMISE you, I eat and I know no portion control. I don't count calories or ounces. I don't count raisins or seeds (I eat them by the big handful.) I don't count kale and collard chips. I try to beat my kids to the dehydrator. :) But I can see how to the SAD eater, I probably seem to eat nothing. The truth is, I feel satisfied most of the time when I consistently eat fresh, raw food. I feel cleansed and light. I don't feel the same way with heavily cooked food. I don't necessarily feel awful at the first bite, but it's not quite the same cleansed feeling.

Here is what I remember eating today from the eat nothing diet.

3 ounces of smoothie with chard stems (from my mom's garden), apple, strawberry,
blueberry, Cinnamon
Scott juiced me oranges
Handfuls of sprouted sunflower seeds
Lauren made me a salad with fresh greens and purple-greens from her garden. cucumber, grated daikon radish (better than I thought), grated carrot and other veggies. Her husband had made a tasty salad from celeraic root with yogurt. I do love trying new things.
Scott made me more juice.
Home made Macroon. Only one. Because it was the last one. :(
I prepped the sauce for more collard chips and licked the bowl clean. I am about to go get some partially dehydrated chips out of the dehydrator for a midnight snack.
Carrot/ginger salad (yummmm) on more freshly picked greens.
A few plums, strawberries, oh and some hard-boiled eggs (these were real eggs, not imitation vegan eggs).

So you see I ate nothing today (and no cane sugar). But I don't have diabetes, I am at a healthful weight and I enjoyed my food immmensly and companionship.


  1. I am so glad you are teaching me about this. I love raw food, so it seems logical to me. But occasionally I still eat really sadly.

  2. Yeah to no portion control. And why is it that people think we live on air. I-think-not! I eat all I want and how much I want.

    I think raw food eating is the only food lifestyle that you do not have to worry about controls. None of us in this how measure anything anymore, except for new recipes. Love the new blog!


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