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Sunday, April 4, 2010


I want some coconut trees on my property, but for now we are lucky to have coconuts the neighbors share. We've had quite a hard time breaking through the husk without cracking the inner shell before we get the milk. We are learning to recognize young coconut with soft easily scoopable meat. Some coconuts are sour on the inside. After all the hard work getting one open it's disappointing. Leads to lots of questions. If I get a tree, is there a particular kind I should get? Is some coconut good for milk and others good for the meat? What is the best way to crack through the husk? Is there a way to tell if it will be sour before trying to get into it?

With the measly few I managed to get any milk out of it, I made a tropical smoothie with the milk, pineapple, mango, strawberry, and banana, (and a little bit of chard!). It was delicious and a change from my usual smoothie recipe. This got today started on the right raw-track. I resisted the matzo. I resisted the cooked food Grandma Irma made. I had green salad and a delicious beet salad from the book, Eating without Heating. (4 large grated beets, 5 cloves grated garlic, 1/4 cup evoo, 1/4 cup lemon juice, fresh parsley garnish, and 1 teaspoon salt.)I think everyone in the house had some tropical smoothie and some beet salad and liked it.

Later I snacked on some left over dehydrated flax crackers dipped in sunflower "cheese" sauce mixed with dill. And I had a big serving of banana hemp smoothie. Also snacked on 1 or 2 (or 3) homemade macaroons. I am probably going to make some more salad with a huge cucumber later. I was out in the kayak twice. Once with Scott, later with John. I got a good upper arm work out today!

I am thinking about what to have tomorrow to keep Raw. Let's see, I can juice oranges, have green smoothie, have more beet salad and green salad. There is plenty of macaroons left for my sweet tooth. I have lots of greens, apples and berries. I should have a second green smoothie if I can't think of anything else. But I usually don't make a second one. I'll probably have all my meals at home this week or I will be where I can easily bring my own food for the next few days.

I've got green cabbage to do something with and I also have leek from co-op. Any new raw-ideas for these veggies?

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