Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Locally Grown Dinner

Thanks to the co-operative efforts of Gerry, Gail, and Lauren, I am stocked with our local greens. I made beautiful salads tonight for dinner with our lettuces, chard, and spinach which was topped with grated golden beat and carrot, pepper, and Canadian cucumber and scallions from co-op).

Tomorrow morning I have plenty of local chard for my smoothie which I will be taking on the road with me. And I have local kale for a kale salad for lunch. I'll be at conference tomorrow and should I give in to temptations, it won't be without consuming about 30 servings of greens first! Gerrie is also sharing with me Nastrurtium flowers which are edible and a few are going into my smoothie tomorrow. I'll be packing plenty of fruit also and sprouted sunflower seed also.

My cardio work-outs are going well. On Monday and Wed (tonight), I have finally run 2 miles. I need a long warm up before I run. I am going on the eliptical first (works upper body) and then another stepper type machine. I ran the 3 miles on a treadmill at about 13:45 min miles. I start slowly and increase my speed. I also put it on a .5 incline for a few short intervals. Then Max And I walk a block back to meet the boys at karate. There is a 5 k fun run at the conference. Perhaps it will be the first "race" for me since before William.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funky Rooster Farm

Back in the fall Lauren started a veggie garden, which has done very well! You can see her established rows in the background. She offered me some space and I purchased pots and seeds and started two rows which is in the foreground of this photo.Another view of the rows I contributed to the garden after transplanting young plants to our pots.Lauren took this photo after a few weeks of growth. Lauren did a lot of background research before setting up the initial garden which I am very grateful for and her initial rows served as the "guinea pig." I enjoyed the herbs and kale that she shared with me so much that I couldn't resist getting in on it. I hesitated a bit because the garden is not in my own yard and I wondered if I would have access to it when I needed it, but what cinched it for me is that my new neighbor the other person in this co-operative also. For me that means my veggie share isn't dependent on me going back and forth to get it. When Gail and Lauren visit each other my veggies can hitch a ride! What more could I ask for?! When I go out there I can recipricate and bring back some for Gail.This is John's mother with one of the first bundles they brought to me: kale, dill, chard, purple lettuce, spinach, mint are a few of the things you see laying out. Having access to such fresh tasty produce makes the Raw adventure much more easy. This produce is on top of what I get from co-op which I have blogged about at Permission to Mother. Why Funk Rooster Farm? Lauren is building chicken coops. The name of her farm comes from the funky variety of eggs she will have. When I asked what I should call her garden when I write about it, we decided to use the Funky Rooster Farm.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Eat-Nothing-Diet

One of my associates is struggling with her diabetes and weight. She has tried every diabetic pill out there including all the new shots with the exception of insulin. As many diabetics do, she "thinks" she is on a low sugar diet, but since we work together, I often see what she eats. It's not low sugar. Mostly its processed box food or fast food (like I used to eat). After suffering with an ulcer with her latest medication regimen, I suggested as a last resort with a happy face that she try my food. She replied,
"Oh, the-eat-nothing diet. No way. "

This post isn't about her success or lack of success. But it is about her response to my choices. When I was eating a SAD diet, my perception of other high raw foodists was that they eat barely nothing. I PROMISE you, I eat and I know no portion control. I don't count calories or ounces. I don't count raisins or seeds (I eat them by the big handful.) I don't count kale and collard chips. I try to beat my kids to the dehydrator. :) But I can see how to the SAD eater, I probably seem to eat nothing. The truth is, I feel satisfied most of the time when I consistently eat fresh, raw food. I feel cleansed and light. I don't feel the same way with heavily cooked food. I don't necessarily feel awful at the first bite, but it's not quite the same cleansed feeling.

Here is what I remember eating today from the eat nothing diet.

3 ounces of smoothie with chard stems (from my mom's garden), apple, strawberry,
blueberry, Cinnamon
Scott juiced me oranges
Handfuls of sprouted sunflower seeds
Lauren made me a salad with fresh greens and purple-greens from her garden. cucumber, grated daikon radish (better than I thought), grated carrot and other veggies. Her husband had made a tasty salad from celeraic root with yogurt. I do love trying new things.
Scott made me more juice.
Home made Macroon. Only one. Because it was the last one. :(
I prepped the sauce for more collard chips and licked the bowl clean. I am about to go get some partially dehydrated chips out of the dehydrator for a midnight snack.
Carrot/ginger salad (yummmm) on more freshly picked greens.
A few plums, strawberries, oh and some hard-boiled eggs (these were real eggs, not imitation vegan eggs).

So you see I ate nothing today (and no cane sugar). But I don't have diabetes, I am at a healthful weight and I enjoyed my food immmensly and companionship.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Salad from today's harvest

I had a good Raw day today. I started with watermelon slices and collard chips. I brought a kale salad and 1 quart of green smoothie to the office with me. When I got home I opened a recently harvest coconut and drank about 1 cup of coconut milk. The boys and I walked around the house after the rain cleared and nibbled on fennel sprigs. I have an amazing co-operative garden at another location. I made the above salad with several varieties of greens that were harvested and freshly delivered to my door (thanks Lauren and Gail). The yellow is grated golden beets from our garden. There is also snips of garlic chives that are from one of my containers (thank you Jyl!). I was still sipping my smoothie when I was finishing my salad. After dinner, Scott juiced tangerines. The great news is I am full and happy. I am not hungry!!

Everyone asks what kind of protein is in that meal. Avocado (from Sam's), alfalfa sprouts that I grow in my kitchen, few spinach and chard leaves, sprouted sunflower seeds. My smoothie today has chia seeds in it (thanks Carrie, for the idea). The earlier collard chip seasoning has raw cashews in it. I am happy with my protein sources. Vegan proteins have an unexpected benefit of leaving a kitchen with no grease to clean up. That means no grease in me either.

This raw day follows two days of nearly, probably all raw, and I wasn't even in my own kitchen the day before last. Can you believe this? I was a 1/2 gallon a day of Breyer's Mint for many years. I haven't had Breyer's in 2 1/2 years (maybe just once or twice). I certainly didn't harvest my dinner, either, ever. Having fresh produce was not even something that came to my mind.

I plan on telling you in future posts how I like to make dehydrated kale and collard chips, about my fruit trees and container garden on the river, my co-operative garden, sprouting, and more. I hope you'll follow me.

I don't think David had one bite of that salad. :(

One more thing, why is there a grill in my header photo? It keeps John's meat out of my kitchen.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I want some coconut trees on my property, but for now we are lucky to have coconuts the neighbors share. We've had quite a hard time breaking through the husk without cracking the inner shell before we get the milk. We are learning to recognize young coconut with soft easily scoopable meat. Some coconuts are sour on the inside. After all the hard work getting one open it's disappointing. Leads to lots of questions. If I get a tree, is there a particular kind I should get? Is some coconut good for milk and others good for the meat? What is the best way to crack through the husk? Is there a way to tell if it will be sour before trying to get into it?

With the measly few I managed to get any milk out of it, I made a tropical smoothie with the milk, pineapple, mango, strawberry, and banana, (and a little bit of chard!). It was delicious and a change from my usual smoothie recipe. This got today started on the right raw-track. I resisted the matzo. I resisted the cooked food Grandma Irma made. I had green salad and a delicious beet salad from the book, Eating without Heating. (4 large grated beets, 5 cloves grated garlic, 1/4 cup evoo, 1/4 cup lemon juice, fresh parsley garnish, and 1 teaspoon salt.)I think everyone in the house had some tropical smoothie and some beet salad and liked it.

Later I snacked on some left over dehydrated flax crackers dipped in sunflower "cheese" sauce mixed with dill. And I had a big serving of banana hemp smoothie. Also snacked on 1 or 2 (or 3) homemade macaroons. I am probably going to make some more salad with a huge cucumber later. I was out in the kayak twice. Once with Scott, later with John. I got a good upper arm work out today!

I am thinking about what to have tomorrow to keep Raw. Let's see, I can juice oranges, have green smoothie, have more beet salad and green salad. There is plenty of macaroons left for my sweet tooth. I have lots of greens, apples and berries. I should have a second green smoothie if I can't think of anything else. But I usually don't make a second one. I'll probably have all my meals at home this week or I will be where I can easily bring my own food for the next few days.

I've got green cabbage to do something with and I also have leek from co-op. Any new raw-ideas for these veggies?
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