Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food Diary March 25

I went to the grocery store and found that matzoh and matzoh meal can be purchased whole wheat. (see yesterdays post)

Today isn't over, but its been all Raw Vegan.
Smoothie with chard and kale stems, blueberries, strawberries, banana and apple.

Dried apricot, fresh rasberries
Left over tabouleh salad

Kale and chard chips. The chives were from my container garden. All my kids ate this.

Big salad with avacado, cucumber, tomato, balsamic and evoo dressing. A few bites out of my nasty flax crackers.

Brewed Lemon tai grass tea. I clipped the tea from my yard.

Doesn't look like I ate much, does it? If I eat something else I'll add it. I've been superbusy today with contractor meeting, running errands, going to place we moved out of and still taking things out and unpacking.

Scott and I walked three miles around the park behind SLMC. We walked the 1 1/2 mile loop twice.

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