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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Food

Today I had wild papaya, squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, and a Spring Cleaning smoothie. I wish I had time to post all the links.

For lunch the kids and I had a vegan version of Mac n Cheese (used spelt spiral pasta), from Simple Healthy Tasty and Dinner had a soup and simple salad (bok choy, red leaf, cilantro, romaine). The soup was a cream soup, also from Simple, Healthy Tasty.

I had sprouted sunflower seeds and organic raisins as a snack.

We were at the gym tonight. 30 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes on arc trainer, and 20 minutes jogging on treadmill at 4.2 mph.

Not a raw day, but a 100% vegan day. I feel good. Let me ask you, have you eaten ANYTHING raw today? Yesterday? Last week? You'd be surprised at how many people tell me they have not in weeks.

Passover is coming up. I used to think of it as a time of self-control by eliminating wheat, oat, spelt, and barley. Interesting that I've barely had any wheat in the past few weeks. I've had oat and not too much of the other grains. Shouldn't be too hard for me to press on (even if not for the exact reasons others are). I've also thought about how I am avoiding refined flour. What's matzoh made out of? Kosher for Passover flour. Isn't that refined? I think there is a SAD version of kosher also. Especially when I consider that coke is kosher (and some foods with gmo's are certified kosher). Hello, coke isn't even food. It's fake. Shouldn't by definition kosher only include whole foods? It's interesting that Passover doesn't seem to be a time of self-control this year.

Despite not having much spelt and barley, I do buy these in bulk. I like how Food Storage is tought by the Mormons, but in Passover tradition you'd have to get rid of the grains out of your house in prep for the holiday. Lots of stuff for me to think through.

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